Mystery Mystery Hunt List of Puzzles

Little Black Book Puzzles

Metapuzzle solutions: Witness 1, Witness 2, Witness 3, Witness 4, Witness 5, Witness 6

Little Black Book -
Page 1

Abigail Freebie (Witness 1)

Odd One Out

Police Lineup

Special Ops

Let's Ask the Dead Guy

Do You Know Where Your Needles Are?

Little Black Book -
Page 2

Memo From Agent C

No Strings Attached

World of Comics


Hearing Voices

Kana Game

Little Black Book -
Page 3


Nationwide Hunt

Role-Playing Game

Treasure Map

Sharp Turns

Knots and Crosswords

Little Black Book -
Page 4

Guilty Pleasures


Hold Your Tongue


Race Around the Block

The Cult of Helios

Little Black Book -
Page 5

Common Thread

Bad Beat Jackpot


Spectral Analysis

European Cruise

Character Witness

Little Black Book -
Page 6

What Incarnation of Palindrome Are You?

Family Affair

Global Coolness


In Other Words

Checkout Lines

Little Black Book -
Page 7


Image Search

Twisty Little Passages


At the Crossroads

Manual Transmission

Little Black Book -
Page 8


Rotating Slider

The Blue Carr Bungle


Frontal Lobotomy


Little Black Book -
Page 9

Talk to Me

Trouble in Triplicate

Picture Puzzle

War Game

God's Gift to Cartooning

Elmo's First Wife



Dossier Puzzles

Metapuzzle solutions: Dossier 1, Dossier 2, Dossier 3, Dossier 4, Dossier 5, Dossier 6, Dossier 7

Dossier 1

Dream On

The More the Merrier

Little Rascals




Mystery Rallye

The Deadly Hobby of Murder

This Puzzle Needs a Title

All Geared Up

Eight Not-So-Deadly Sins

Dossier 2

World's Tallest Cryptic

The Last of Sheila

That'll Tichu to Mess With Us

Advisory Boards

The Mystery of the Traditional Scavenger Hunt

Picture Store


Notes on a Century of English According to Merriam-Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary

No Police Record

Let Me Tell You the Story

These Ain't No Underpants Gnomes

Dossier 3

Animal Lover

Case Study

Muppet Theater


Remember This?

The Goodwin Manuscript


In Soviet Union, Death Defies You

Alien Species

What A Mystery Is Art


Dossier 4

Instant Replay

Dossier 5

Our Unfortunate Aunt Edith

Subservient Chicken Loves the '80s

Pie in the Sky

The Dungeon

Hack Writer

Method to the Madness

Special Delivery

Breaking Away

Magnetic Poetry

Dossier 6


At the Canyon

At Sea

Department Store

Train Station

At the Beach

Safari Park

Ski Slopes


Dossier 7


Radio Waves

Son of the Realm of Unspeakable Chaos

Give Me an M

Big Musical Number

Six Easy Pieces

A Mind-flexing Exercise

East Meets West

Giant Game

X Marks the Spot

Bottom Line

Frame of Reference





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