At the Canyon

600, in Greek numerals Snack's maker (4)
Barnard Hughes role Club's female founder (5)
Carpenters song Comic movie's director (4)
Coke byproduct Autobiography's subject (3)
Dogface Opera character's ailment (8)
Final answer Animal character's portrayer (2)
Gift tag word Town's region (3)
Impersonate Deity's spouse (2)
Last woman standing in the 2007 WSOP Main Event Dance's country of origin (6)
Lives Sitcom's city setting (4)
OH neighbor Product's improvement aim (3)
Ring result Golfer's real first name (4)
Ringgit bits Movement's founding city (4)
Soccer ball manufacturer Item's best-known manufacturer (6)
Stallone syllable Institution's city (8)
Toilet Bird's home (1)
Toon with a girlfriend named Cookie Animal's teacher (5)
Voldemort's first name Best Picture winner's city setting (2)
Who, for one Problem's other name (3)