Instant Replay

I barely survived being chased by that cop, and was trapped in Indiana until he went away. Finally free, I powered up, hoping to roll on. But the cop was blocking my way! I had no choice but to knock him down hard, then move past. After traveling to eight places I found myself at ____. My attempt at grabbing all the land was nearly complete...

I'd never seen a re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party, but this one seemed strange. There was plenty of tea, but why a dog? I ended my tea party by taking a spin to New York, but I still needed to earn my next travel ticket to ____. After riding around the air in circles, I earned my ticket, one step closer to the goal of reaching my final destination, Los Angeles.

The next performance was about to begin. My performance! I jumped onto the stage and immediately started my first illusion: levitating my female assistant. But I was far from accurate. I missed four times before completing the trick at center stage. Suddenly, off to the right, I saw a ____ appear. So, of course, I ran right toward it. The next thing I knew, it was midnight!

The diamonds were everywhere in the lost city. But so was the danger: rapids, sinkholes, a ghost tribe, even enraged hippos. Hippos! The real danger were the gray gorillas, though. Were they protecting the diamonds? Thankfully, when things got tough, I had ____ to hold me. She took me in her arms and always had something nice to say.

All three of us were loaded into the starting gate, and the countdown was on. The gate dropped and the race started! But this was no ordinary race. Completing one lap would be a special test, let alone 100. Each lap had eight parts to it, four up top and four down low. I got through the top sections, no problem. I even drove the section of Highway 93 faster than ever before. But after climbing the hill and weaving through rapids, I just couldn't finish that last task. Like the sign said, it was a ____, and mine was its newest victim.

As a space marine, my toughest assignments are rescue missions. We could hear the S-O-S well before plunging into deep space. The crew of the ____ were threatened by a huge monster, practically the size of a megalopolis. We rescued the crew and got them back to bases alpha and beta... but the monster was still after us! We managed to beam the crew to safety and celebrated.

I was traveling to the west coast, and encountered the same construction crew everywhere I went. They were at spring break in Miami and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. At times they seemed more like a destruction crew. I swore I saw them gulp down one of my friends. But I got the last laugh. I set off a few blasts, then managed to bean ____ in the side of the head. Take that, bulldozer man!

On the west coast, it was a great day for a spin on the freeways. I drove down the Santa Monica and Bayshore Freeways 3 or 4 times, and through the only traffic light. The light turned red... ah, what the hell, I went right through it at great velocity. Car 504 yelled for me to pull over immediately. I could've kept up this chase a long time, but I ran the light again and escaped. Two friends joined me on the roads, and together we tried to win the ____.

I knew I had a magnetic personality, but I needed more to become a major dude. Armed with some conversational skill and a little rock and roll, I was in the mix quickly. And when the doctor shot me with his ____ at the Kinetic Clinic, I was hipper than ever and ready to double my pleasure for the rest of the day.

The butler was dead, and I was on the case. I took a taxi to the casino, the scene of the crime. I played one game of roulette for all my cash... darn, black. I rode the elevator to the sixth floor and found a revolver! A phone rang, and I answered it, learning about the motive for murder. I captured the killer on the ____ as he tried to escape. Go directly to jail, clown boy!

I'd never been to a party in a cemetery. The punch was served in a bubbling cauldron by some dark mistress. The barbecue served handburgers and blood sausage. They even had a slide set up, and I rode it 4 or 5 times in a row: oh yeah! Everyone was awake except for the ____ near a giant blinking skull. I knocked some sense into them, and woke them up... there were only 3 of them, but it felt like a million.

I kept training for the big fight against Knuckles. I learned to jump rope 30 times in a row. I got worked over by the speed bag. Finally the fight was on. I was not ready. The coach yelled for me to punch his face, and I did... Knuckles laughed it off. I bounced around and got shoved ____ on the right side, falling out of the ring through a gap. The fight was over, but I earned another shot at Knuckles almost immediately. He yelled at me that I was making a mistake going for a rematch. But I beat him in the rematch, and he asked me to buy him a drink!

The boss needed me to pick up four envelopes, then use the cash to pay a tribute. I picked up the first one right away at the Bada Bing, taking a little time to say hello to the ladies. I took a break to crack a safe, then picked up two more envelopes while pulling off a truck heist. And wouldn't you know it, the fourth envelope was sitting in the ____ waiting for me. I delivered the goods, and made sure I wasn't the one sleeping with the fishes that night.

I left the amusement park so quickly that they gave me a ____. The second chance was more fun. Bouncing around in the bumper cars was great, and I loved the Looping ride. But the haunted house kept telling me to be careful of the witch, and I got trapped in the Magnetic House for a long time. I guess amusement parks in Spain are different.

I accepted her challenge, and aimed to crack the last two security levels. Just before advancing to the last level, I escaped and fired off some rocket-propelled grenades. They hit, but she survived. I managed to crack the last security level, and it was time for some hard-earned payback. To the left, I noticed the last of the command centers was open and ready, and I wasted no time going there to start my ____. Looks like I was going to need those bricks of C-4...

After hitting the Kwik-E-Mart, I dropped by the bullies, then circled past the elementary school. I hurried up past ____ as I climbed into the treehouse. I took a ride on the old monorail -- I couldn't believe that's still working. It was time to go home, so I opened the garage, went through into the living room, turned on the TV, and settled onto the couch.

My day at the zoo-themed water park was great! I spent lots of time riding the Rapids. The action in the Whirlpool left a bit to be desired... it reminded me of a diner. But I won big at the arcade. I had a super score! That ____ was a strange park mascot though. Was he supposed to be Bohemian?

The Fellowship was nearly complete. I still needed to gather Aragorn and Pippin before we could head into battle. But first, Frodo and the Ring showed me that I needed to help the Ents. They helped open the gate into ____, and I passed through onto the Path of the Dead. Soon, the Ents had released the river, and I was rewarded with a gift from the elves.

The rapids were getting more intense: the guide suggested I say my prayers as we reached the Class VI river. I'd already seen two of my friends enter ____ and not return... I guess the name was appropriate. I wasn't planning on going in there, but fell in while looking for a shortcut to the next raft. My friends had survived, but 10 seconds later we'd all gone over the falls. Absolute insanity, and I wanted to keep taking that ride as long as my friends were around.

I'd just pulled off a sick cycle jump to pull into 5th place. I could see three riders ahead of me, just waiting to be passed. I drove over a red arrow and climbed a huge hill. What a move I put on the riders in blue and green, leaving just ____ to pass on the left before I could challenge for the win.

I was battling for my life, and losing. My opponent, riding his horse proudly, laughed at me constantly. "Stand up and fight!" I hit what seemed like a hole in his defense... "No way!" he shouted, pushing me back. But as I fell to my doom on the right, I was brought back to life by ____, lifting me out and dropping me to safety! With new life, I hurried up and nearly collected a king's ransom.