East Meets West

John Alafontaine had an insatiable appetite for all things Asian, from poetry and culture to television and combat. He felt, though, that when adapted for Western taste, some critical ingredient was inevitably lost in translation.

Film by Bay boasting
Taboo made thrilling. Ad is:
"Aaaa! I'm brilliant too!"

Mayor's race no trick:
"I vote Boor! Traitor! Lamebrain!
Woe!" Roar catcall, Tray.

Addict craves moray
Bouillon, airy tatami
Mats, cocoa. Cry "ah!"

Arcane astral force,
Perky babble, yet folly
Arctic beachwear? Lost.

Cook to jar nachos.
"Barf!" by happy Lab. Goal on
Rack: carrot, meatball.

Recall: Ace ate ox
( Mainstream zoo mourns a roach? Haa! )
Chomp! Buy brambly fray.