Elihu Leather Metapuzzle

by Jeffrey Harris

Each interview segment features a food or beverage product whose name is (sometimes obliquely) synonymous with an answer to one of the puzzles in this dossier. Furthermore, each interviewee’s dialogue contains a phrase which can be interpreted as a method to extract a letter (or letters) from the corresponding solution word.

Indicator Food/Beverage Answer Word
“take the third/fifth” Nehi raDaR love
“letters in prime position” Grey Goose wATeRbIrd
“middle pair” Lays bEDs
“right between the eyes (I’s)” Whoppers falsiTies
“odd characters” Clearly Canadian OnTaRiAn
“second half” Royal Crown diaDEM
“at sixes and sevens” Cheerios sayonARas
“silent type” Ding-Dong Knell

Reading the indicated letters in clip order gives the motive phrase: DR. A TRIED TO TRADE MARK.