You thought you were pretty clever, pretending to look for a killer somewhere in the black book, when all along, you yourself have every reason to want Otto Awkward dead!! After all, who wouldn’t want the excitement and glamour of spending a year creating a Mystery Hunt rather than having a life! So I've called the police – and this dossier doesn't have anything in it at all – nothing that you could look at to try to solve this particular puzzle. So you're stuck with an empty dossier and a pair of cops who'll be watching your every move. Thanks to the Patriot Act, they've been able to get a warrant damned quickly, and it seems to contain everything needed to prove your guilt. Better look carefully at those other suspects if you want to get out of this one.

The following additional text appeared once the Dossier meta had been solved:

When Jan Plumb first saw Otto Awkward, her heart skipped the proverbial beat. His pallid skin, quickly darting eyes, and detailed knowledge of cancelled television shows brought her to a level of excitement she hadn't experienced since her ill-fated affair with George Glass. But Otto was too busy creating the 2008 Mystery Hunt to pay her any mind. When she tried to talk of him of love, he changed the subject to cute boys, semaphore flags, and obscure MIT trivia.

Hoping to soothe her soul, she turned on the hi-fi and piled on her favorite records: The Bay City Rollers' Bye Bye Baby, Up to Date with the Partridge Family, and of course Melanie's Gather Me. While listening to Melanie, inspiration hit. She would ride her bicycle past his window each night and roller-skate to his door in daylight, always when he wasn't home, to build up her courage. Then, early one morning when she knew he was home, she took off her glasses to appear more appealing, and proceeded to crash her bike into Otto's garage. Otto immediately came out of his house to see what had happened, and during the exchange, which was the fourth occasion on which they had seen each other during 2007, Jan learned that Otto had used her brand-new key, which one of his cohorts had "borrowed" for him, as a coin-surrogate for a Mystery Hunt test-solving session. Jan reacted with the requisite fury of a woman scorned.

But Jan denied any wrongdoing. In fact, she said, at the time of the murder, she was south of Building 1, looking over the Charles and imagining that all her brothers and sisters had drowned, leaving her an only child.