Jan Plumb Metapuzzle

by Trip Payne

At the beginning of this metapuzzle, solvers are accused of having killed Dr. Awkward themselves.  After a visit (actual or virtual) by the police, they leave a search warrant behind, indicating that they may need extra information in order to make sense of it.

That extra information comes via one extra puzzle in each dossier (including one puzzle in this dossier, which claims to contain no puzzles).  Those answers can be inserted into the warrant Printer's Devilry-style, as shown below (inserted answers in brackets and all-caps):

Mo[ST OP]tions having been previously examined and overruled, this warrant is now granted to the local police as a last resort, giving them unlimited authority to search the premises of team _________.

The police officers are hereby granted unlimited time and access to said headquarters, with the rights to both search the premises and to interview all the members of the team. Teams should be aware that there's only one option for ending the interrogation: t[ELL EN]ough information.

Teams looking for the reason should find th[E MOTIVE ]is within the warrant itself.

To that end, they may need to ad[D IN ]just the right extra information as required.

Teams are ordered to cooperate to the fullest with the authorities in this matter; everyone ha[S TO LE]nd the officers whatever they need when they ask for it.

In addition, the police are authorized to, if they deem it appropriate, interview groups of suspects separately by gender. Female suspects may see female officers as[ MEN TAL]k about their own potential motives.

The police officers are now gathering all the facts and evidence and hope not to have to return, but the[N A DA]y may yet come when they determine more information is required.

Taking the letters on both sides of the inserted answers gives the metapuzzle solution OTTO HID JAN'S KEY, thus implicating Jan Plumb as a suspect and getting the solving team off the hook.