Police Lineup

Looking at the suspects in the lineup, you ask the Captain if this is always an effective technique. "Sometimes you find the one," he replies, "and sometimes you come up with zero. Some people you just gotta let go."


Award-winning songbird seen passing herself off as two Kennedy relatives in the same evening.
Hustler and racketeer who made piles betting on himself, ultimately losing in the battle of the sexes.
Mastermind responsible for recent carnival of crime in Connecticut.
Spacy-seeming platinum blond accused of revealing secret code: EEP OPP ORK AH-AH!
Suspected member of The Weathermen operating around the country, and in your neck of the woods.
"Thanks for the Memory" of this glib dame caught on camera with Claus von Bülow and Gary Condit.
This model Playmate and rock star groupie is known for her rebel heart.
With his partner Earl, he consorted with survivalists and slimy underworld denizens in Nevada.


Convicted of drug dealing and killing a crooked cop, he was sent to jail again by a bloody wrench.
Dim-witted, nasty lummox who survived the inferno set off by his equally thuggish cohort Vincent.
Former Garden State boss who would run afoul of the EPA's Inspector General; the U.S. District Court granted her no immunity.
Frightening axe-wielder seen lurking in Oscoda, Bemidji, Brainerd, and other points west.
Known only by an initial, this mysterious maiden has abetted the likes of Prince and Ringo.
Left winger-turned-captain, this ice maiden twice spirited away some gold.
This hirsute and flamboyant fixer arranged battles from Zaire to the Philippines.
Tycoon suspected of exploiting illegal immigrants, including Bascomb and Chef Pierre.


Among this dame's notable aliases:"Jean", "Wendy", and "Constance".
Arrested in Florida for public indecency in 1991, he pled out on a child pornography charge in 2004.
Cited for speeding twice in Indianapolis, this leadfoot was arrested for DUI and hit and run in '07.
It took this leggy femme fatale to play both Velma Kelly AND Roxie Hart on Broadway.
Jailbird who's quick with his fists and not above sinking his teeth into an ear or two.
Misanthrope expelled from Johns Hopkins for cheating, later arrested for possession of narcotics.
Perpetrator of a notable inside job, she's suspected of promoting arson in her manifesto "Fire Watch".
Supremely evil -- this lady'll be singing the prison blues soon.


Chicago-area father guilty of child abuse -- but that dumb, promiscuous blond and horny nerd are no prizes either.
Her shooting of the town's richest man was deemed accidental, though she never said a word in her own defense.
It's hardly top secret that this real genius is no saint at all.
It's just "Me & U" for this gorgeous warbler and her bad boy.
Scandal surrounded this Floridian whose explicit emails and IMs sent to teenage boys surfaced in '06.
This bold, beautiful villainess underwent plastic surgery in order to impersonate her nemesis Phyllis.
This chanteuse is known to haunt the Paris underground with a mysterious masked killer.
Tough broad who posed as a sharp Los Angeles litigator until she was given the shaft in a big way.


A large, overweight harpy, this Colorado matron's activism nearly sparked a US-Canada war.
Associated with the Dukes and Demons street gangs, this redheaded punk was arrested for being the notorious "Kissing Bandit".
Manic misfit who successfully impersonated a police officer in the '60s, later running a Santa Monica apartment building in the '70s.
Never actually known to commit ornithocide, he was seen engaging in pernicious whaling practices.
Radical accused of disturbing the peace with loud, late-night horse riding.
Recently sprung from the big house, this creep (aka "Boogie") was nabbed for assaulting a waitress.
Successful Philly boss for 50 years, two of his namesakes became US Congressmen.
This Brit introduced murder, mayhem, and mystery weekly from 1989 to 2003.