Why would a detective try to read a palimpsest, anyway? Some of them aren't even in English. If I'm going to stare at a semi-obscured skin for a few hours, it darn well better be wearing a tube top.

Anne Archer caper picture
April 14, in Korea
Australian WWI observation
Babe, say
Bay Ridge, formerly
Betula alleghaniensis
Burden bearer, for Kipling
Caine/Young spy flick
Cheong Wa Dae
Cleveland domicile, twice
Coolio/Swanson thriller
Emilia in Olivier's Othello
Enclosure for flora
Feature of Mycteroperca interstitialis
Feature of personified envy
Feature of the Southern Cur
Film version of Meet a Body
Firefly corporation
Flower-scented perfume
Gil Major's group
Group in The Simpsons Movie
Institute built by Galileo Galilei
Invisible wintertime danger
Jack Daniels, Dr. Pepper, and Coke
King/Straub novel
Late flight
Laurie Freelove song
March 14, in Japan
Mifune/Andress western
Moxostoma member
Object in front of Marilyn Chambers
Open comedo
Position sought by Tobias Funke
Protestant Ulsterite
Pseudomugil member
Restaurant next to Tommy Doyle's (the other one)
Rigg predecessor
Rob Merrifield's district
Sect founded by Kirin Tor
Setting of A View from the Bridge
Source of Superman's power
Source of bark for canoe-making
Suitable for open-sea naval action
Town near Alexander Bay
Unwed Sailor disc
Wi-Fi alternative
Yukon's capital
Zosteropidae member

palimpsest image