This dossier contains a physical exhibit. Please call HQ and make arrangements to come pick it up.

W is for Will

Something wasn’t right. Why was I looking at John Alafontaine’s last will and testament, when Alafontaine wasn’t the dead one, Awkward was. I poured another glass of Chardonnay from the box and made myself a peanut butter and pickle sandwich for my supper, just like Aunt Gin used to make. I arranged the five pickle slices in a neat pattern on the bread, thought better of it, and arranged them in a different pattern. A low moan of pleasure escaped my lips as I took my first bite.

I unfolded the will, which looked like it had been through an Intro to Origami class, and creased my forehead. Something was strange here, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

The following additional text appeared once the Dossier meta had been solved:

It seems Otto Awkward had quite a talent for making people second-guess themselves. This was problematic during the Hunt (where he’d undermine teammates’ confidence in their answers before they called them in to HQ), but worse when he was agreeing to be the executor of someone’s last testament. John Alafontaine found himself repeatedly going to the will to ensure that the phrase BE NOISY was not accidentally hidden in the list of bequeathments. He called his young friend Alan Caster, hoping to get sympathetic ear, but Caster was loyal to Awkward (at that point in time, anyway). Finally, the pressure got to be too much for Alafontaine, who bellowed at his now-enemy Awkward, “Your will will be read before mine!” Alafontaine said he was just blowing off hot air, though, and was actually pacing the halls of building 14N at the time of the murder.