E-gad! The Hunt is afoot. I’m Sherlock Hemlock, the world’s greatest detective. My senses are keen; my mind is acute. I can deduce from the clues that Dr. Awkward has been murdered. I deduced that from  his lifeless body, with a knife stuck in it. How clever of me to figure that out!

Now, you want to know who the murderer is. To solve this, we need to determine who stuck the knife in Dr. Awkward and why. We know that Mr. Caster and Dr. Awkward were working on a rubber ducky Konundrum together, but I, Sherlock Hemlock, the world’s greatest detective, have not been able to find that puzzle.

The following additional text appeared once the Dossier meta had been solved:

E-gad! I, Sherlock Hemlock, the world’s greatest detective, was unable to find the Konundrum puzzle because the puzzle was never completed! Mr. Caster and Dr. A had spent Memorial Day weekend together in Atlantic City. They had planned to work on the puzzle, which they intended to include in one of the final rounds of the Hunt, but instead spent their time partying and having a good time. When they returned to Cambridge on the evening of May 31, they hadn’t worked on the puzzle at all!

Mr. Caster was writing many puzzles for the hunt: one, two, three, even more puzzles for the hunt, although even I, Sherlock Hemlock, world’s greatest detective, cannot determine which rounds they were for. He liked the ducky puzzle best. He worked on it for weeks and then passed it to Dr. A. but Dr. A was too busy designing the coin to do his share of the work. In the heat of summer, realizing the puzzle would not be completed, Mr. Caster flew into a rage, hurling the rubber ducky at Dr. A, saying that bath time would never be fun again.

And I deduce that Mr. Caster surely hurled it hard. My keen investigative skills tell me that he’s a baseball loving boy from San Diego. I found this out using my keen sense of hearing as he talked for hours about the autographed baseball first-baseman Adrian Gonzalez handing him during batting practice last year, just before the start of the Padre’s 6-4 win over the Dodgers. I have also deduced Mr. Caster’s alibi, and learned important words like UP and DOWN. Mr. Caster swears UP and DOWN that he is innocent. He claims that he went walking NEAR and FAR, then DOWN the stairs, ending UP in the basement of Bexley Hall.

Exhibit A