First Rule of Accounting: Half the time you can find things to write off.
Second Rule of Accounting: When writing things off, be thorough!

Conduct or manners (10)
Right away or suddenly, as a musical direction (6)
Kind of chip, pancake, or salad (6)
Of pressure from the atmosphere (10)
Electronic system for room-to-room communication (8)
Nail or hedge trimmers (8)
Rump, colloquially (7)
Skin-related (9)
Entry passes, such as to a movie (7)
Ornamental wrist bangle (8)
Little, quotable passage (7)
Eating utensil (one of a pair) (9)
Indian from Oaxaca (7)
Drink made from orange juice and champagne (6)
Reports or declares, often formally (9)
Adding to the court's calendar (9)
Tasty (10)
Right-hand page (5)
Initial mathematical principles (6)
Especially strong coffee (8)
Often-cylindrical metal container (8)
Nine singers minus two singers (6)
Lush or drunkard (7)
Obtrusive and self-assertive (9)
River representing a point of no return (7)
Amalgamation or fabrication (10)
Kid's fingerless glove (6)
Natural, in "nature vs. nurture" terms (7)