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by Dave Shukan

The 28 definitions resolve into 14 pairs where (1) one word consists of a "deletion" verb followed by a string of non-repeated letters and (2) one word consists of all of those nonrepeated letters (one or more times each) plus a single additional letter, as follows:

skin-related = CUTANEOUS
reports or declares, often formally = ANNOUNCES
cutting A,N,E,O,U,S from ANNOUNCES = C

initial mathematical principles = AXIOMS
drink containing orange juice and champagne = MIMOSA
axing I, O, M, S from MIMOSA = A

The 16 leftover letters, in order, spell BANKER ACROSTIC

Taking the ACROSTIC from the 28 clues, and getting rid of all K, E, R (BAN K, E, R) leaves the solution phrase: CONSOLIDATION LOAN.

Breakdown is as follows:

Conduct or manners DEPORT/MENT
Right away or suddenly, as a musical direction SUBITO B
Kind of chip, pancake, or salad POTATO A
Of pressure from the atmosphere BAR/OMETRIC
Electronic system for room-to-room communication INTERCOM N
Nail or hedge trimmers CLIP/PERS
Rump, colloquially KEISTER K
Skin-related CUT/ANEOUS
Entry passes, such as to a movie TICKETS E
Ornamental wrist bangle BRACELET R
Little, quotable passage SNIP/PET
Eating utensil (one of a pair) CHOP/STICK
Indian from Oaxaca ZAP/OTEC
Drink made from orange juice and champagne MIMOSA A
Reports or declares, often formally ANNOUNCES C
Adding to the court's calendar DOCK/ETING
Right-hand page RECTO R
Initial mathematical principles AX/IOMS
Especially strong coffee ESPRESSO O
Often-cylindrical metal container CAN/ISTER
Nine singers minus two singers SEPTET S
Lush or drunkard TOSS/POT
Obtrusive and self-assertive BUMP/TIOUS
River representing a point of no return RUB/ICON
Amalgamation or fabrication CONCOCTION T
Kid's fingerless glove MITTEN I
Natural, in "nature vs. nurture" terms GENETIC C

The final answer is: CONSOLIDATION LOAN.