Sharp Turns

Every answer has one.


1S Shrink steadily 11E Blanche's ex
  • Avatar of Vishnu
  • Child’s want
  • Collusion
  • Controversial name in 2007 news
  • Do
  • Influence
  • Inherently
  • Island settled in 1609
  • Like most movies
  • Make like
  • Toll site
1E Sufi dancer 11S Version
2S Guest of honor, for short 12N Bucket of bolts
2W Labor leader? 12W Luke's ally
3E Decorative container 13W Game with "brain freeze"
3E Old French colony 13S Peeves
4W Lie about another 14E Cattleya, for one
4W Severe 14W "Collages" author
5E Adding features to, e.g. 15S Doctor of music
5N Resisting one 15N Masala _____
6W Like tales 16W Complicated plot
6W "South Park" regular 16E Little ones
7W 23rd in a series 17W "Cold," in a game
7N Anger 17S Pointer
8S Garage amenities 18E Auto ornament, once
8W Pop idol? 18E Peppy
9W Emergence 19W Small loop
9N Restraint 19W Talent
10N Colleague of McGonagall 20N Like Euler
10N It's often right 20E Lower on the scale