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Peter Knight Metapuzzle

Joseph DeVincentis

The nine members of the Witness group have the same first names as the Brady Bunch (including Alice), and last names of some actor or actress who played that character in the TV series and/or one or more of the movies. Arrange them in the order of the familiar grid from the opening of the show:

Marcia Carol Greg
Jan Alice Peter
Cindy Mike Bobby

Do the same for their answers, and note that the house numbers in their addresses have the same lengths as these answers:

APRIL 32846 PLAID 67984 TIRE 4269
DELI 3189 DIAL 6482 LAGER 51684
TIED 1298 EARL 4186 GILD 7432

It's quite possible you can see exactly what to do here. There was an extra cluing mechanism as a backup which was probably harder than the original puzzle. The street name and the city/state/country of the address for each of these characters contained 6 words and/or numbers. If you read the first letter of the first word of each of these addresses in the order of the Brady grid, then the first letter of each second word and so on, it spells SEED EVERY 3BY3 BOX OF A SUDOKU AT CELLS THAT STREET NUM INDICATES.

Whichever way you figure out how to proceed, doing so leads to:


This is more than enough givens to solve this as a Sudoku. It can probably be solved uniquely with any two whole answers missing, and with some guesswork with three or four answers missing.


The diagonals, which have no givens, spell GET PETER A LARGER PAD. Upon submitting this, you had to come down to headquarters and build a house of cards of a height depending on team size.