Nationwide Hunt

The clue to the answer is six words long.

The first word is located in MIAMI, FLORIDA. Find the Dade County War Memorial, located within easy walking distance of the Hotel Inter-Continental Miami. On the front of the memorial, take the first name of the second person in the first column.

The second word is located in CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Go to Living Sacrifice, a memorial for fallen members of the Chicago Police Department, just east of Soldier Field. Under plaque #13, take the first name of the third person on the fifth line.

The third word is located in NEW YORK, NEW YORK. Go to 289 Bleecker Street in Manhattan. Find the bank of buzzers. Take the first word listed next to the buzzer marked "5FL".

The fourth word is located in SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. Looking out from the front steps of the City Hall, there is a row of flagpoles on the right that extends forward. On the fourth flagpole, there is a plaque. Take the second word on the plaque.

The fifth word is located in WASHINGTON, DC. The DC World War I Memorial is located near the intersection of Independence Avenue and West Basin Drive. There is a National Park Service informational sign to the northeast of the monument. Take the word from that sign which immediately precedes the word "drew".

The sixth word is located near LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. In Anaheim, go to Downtown Disney at 150 South Disneyland Drive. Find Libby Lu. Walk around the corner into the passageway that leads to the Grand Californian Hotel. In the passageway, around the corner from Libby Lu, look at the first window display, and find the word that precedes "dining" on the red "Goofy's Kitchen" ribbon in the center.