False propaganda can be damaging if it's too good! Better make sure the recruits don't see it.

1. Which actor on a TV show portrayed a CIA detective who asks his sister for help interpreting strange words while he is on his first case?

2. Which president of the American Architects' Guild commented that Simmons Hall looks like a giant sponge in which tiny insects live?

3. What doctrine stronger than gravitational laws is contradicted by the pitch of a certain Major League Baseball pitcher?

4. Students at I-O-University can earn credit towards their what?

5. Where can one find an exciting technical career while helping to maintain a secure homeland?

6. After losing a bet, a governor of one state sent a governor of another state a box that was among other things filled with what expired substance?

7. Who is always available to help someone at

8. What is the shorter of the two names that MIT officials thought about naming the longest hall on campus after a survey was conducted by scientists from MIT, Harvard, and the USGS?

9. Which Media Lab employee commented that people at the Media Lab knew that they had made a major breakthrough when they discovered their robot was avoiding certain coffee stores?

10. After stealing the garbage, where on MIT's campus did students form it into an arrow-shaped pile?

11. The likeness of what famous American historical figure can be found at the entrance of a building where geological classes are taught?

12. An MIT degree is a 100% effective method of what?

13. What professor of mathematics at the University of Miami was awarded a Presidential award for showing the unsolvability of a famous mathematical theorem?