Picture Puzzle

Wilson was a devotee of picture puzzles, both hard and easy. Unfortunately, the one depicting his favorite nature scene was missing all but two pieces.

1. Made like a lion
2. Wimbledon's Andre
3. Obstacles in one's path
4. Expulsion
5. Baked, stuffed pasta tube
6. Great brilliance or majesty
7. Verbal articulation
8. Beekeeper
9. Fashion's Coco
10. Boasts
11. El Matador's adversaries
12. Where the zipper is in jeans
13. Wayland Flowers' sidekick
14. Most wicked
16. Given as deserved
17. Tropical jelly fruit
18. “___ and bobtail”; riff-raff
19. Entire range
20. Some comic book artists
21. Most ingenuous
22. “Resume speed”, musically (2 wds)
23. Auto outing (2 wds)
24. Foolishly skittish
25. Kind of value
26. Umbrages
27. Filter phone calls
28. The crème de la crème
29. Andiron
31. Legally positioned in hockey
32. East Indian cedar
33. Scary bacteria
34. Christen anew
35. Sap or saliva, maybe


1. “Tranquil” Chilean city (2 wds); Highest or most complete
2. Visual monstrosity; Maddens
3. Photographer's apparatus; Receiving welfare (3 wds)
4. Temporary, makeshift; Causing lack of appetite
5. Distinct part of history; Lanza, Lopez, et al; Baker's gadget
6. Foibles; Furnish; Secular folks
7. Eternally tempted Lydian king; Profound; Sphere
8. Absolute; Dissuade; Joe Montana or Jerry Rice to fans
9. Thin, scanty; Young fish for eating; Vicinity
10. Eukaryotic organism; Industrial German valley; Packaging food, in a way
11. Foundational level, as of an organization (2 wds); Nuisances
12. Anti-grey discrimination?; Chagall, for one; Greetings
13. Like Zaphod Beeblebrox (hyph); Some electronic dance music
14. Mental unease; Eponymous modern sittable (2 wds)
15. Venue for plate-spinners, magicians, etc; Slowly, per the