Ski Slopes

Upon coming to HQ, teams received two handouts. They were told that we had finished processing their submission, and were returning it, along with the completed product. “Their submission” was a handwritten version of the following form:

1 adjective sunny
2 adjective cool
3 past tense verb drove
4 interjection damn
5 adjective long
6 noun pass
7 plural noun skis
8 adverb quickly
9 noun scarf
10 interjection hey
11 adverb rudely
12 verb wait
13 noun back
14 verb fight
15 adverb loudly
16 adjective calm
17 preposition to
18 noun coffee shop
19 plural noun goggles
20 verb die
21 past tense verb stretched
22 verb go
23 noun slope
24 noun rock
25 preposition by
26 noun stump
27 preposition under
28 noun branch
29 plural noun bushes
30 noun money

The “completed product” was the following:

Ski Slopes
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