2006 MIT Mystery Hunt

The Hunt, as seen (more or less) by solvers. Solutions are now available from puzzle pages.

Index of all puzzles by round or by title.

Ante and meta solutions. (Meta solutions include agent interaction scripts.)

Kuala Lumpurantemeta
Buenos Airesantemeta
Epcot Centerantemeta
McMurdo Station    antemeta

Postcard sent to teams before the Hunt.

Spy comics from teams.

Double dactyls from teams.

Pictures from S.P.I.E.S. headquarters.

Pictures from the Costume Ball.

Graph of puzzles solved over time by all teams.

Meta-meta (PDF) and its solution.

Endgame: description; script; and timeline.

The Coin.

Congratulations to The Evil Midnight Bombers What Bomb At Midnight, who found the coin at 12:31 AM on Sunday.