Boston ante solution

By Reid Barton and Roger Ford.

In Boston, each puzzle header contains the name of a city, and a state and zip code that do not match that city:

Cincinatti PA 15915
Atlanta    MD 21409
Miami      TN 38103
Biloxi     IN 47708
Raleigh    WI 54880
Ithaca     IL 60510
Detroit    LA 70570
Galveston  ID 83687
Eugene     CA 90242

Sorted by given zip code, the initials of the given city names spell out CAMBRIDGE.

These are the names of the actual cities that correspond to the given zip codes:

Johnstown  PA 15915
Annapolis  MD 21409
Memphis    TN 38103
Evansville IN 47708
Superior   WI 54880
Batavia    IL 60510
Opelousas  LA 70570
Nampa      ID 83687
Downey     CA 90242

The initials of these cities, in the same order, spell JAMES BOND. Therefore the second agent is James Bond, and he is located in Cambridge.