McMurdo Station ante solution

By Jennifer Berk, Allen Rabinovich, and David Speyer.

On the map, each puzzle is surrounded by a line drawing in the snow. These line drawings form a jigsaw puzzle in ten square tiles; assemble them correctly and you get a picture of the Brain (as in Pinky and the). The solved puzzle can be oriented to have two rows of three tiles and one row of four, same as the layout of the puzzles on the map.

Each puzzle header contains a newspaper byline as well, with a name like "Jack Uncle" or "David George". These names are made up of the words of the Telecom B alphabet, which essentially means you can just take the initials of the name in the byline (JU, DG, and so on.) Associate each set of initials with the jigsaw tile that belongs to the same puzzle. Reading the corresponding initials across the three rows when the jigsaw is assembled correctly gives the three words PLASTER, HILTON, and JUDGMENT. These three words clue PARIS. Therefore the ninth agent is the Brain, and he is located in Paris.