Endgame timeline

 9:08 pm  Manic Sages solve round nine meta, but don't know where
          Moriarty's hideout is or the round eight meta answer
 9:15 pm  Bombers solve round nine meta, with all metas and Moriarty's
          hideout location known
 9:20 pm  Manic Sages solve round eight meta
 9:40 pm  Bombers GET SNOWED
 9:42 pm  Manic Sages find Moriarty's location
10:02 pm  Manic Sages GET SNOWED
10:10 pm  Bombers enter Moriarty's lair
10:32 pm  Manic Sages enter Moriarty's lair
10:48 pm  Manic Sages stops runaround to solve puzzles
11:18 pm  Manic Sages re-enter Moriarty's lair
11:36 pm  Codex Dresden GET SNOWED
12:05 am  Bombers start final runaround
12:06 am  Codex Dresden enters Moriarty's lair
12:31 am  Bombers bomb 31 minutes late - congratulations!