Boston meta solution

Concept by Noah Snyder and Jennifer Berk. Implementation by Aaron Dinkin.

The answers each contain a five-letter palindrome string. Order the strings by the number of letters in the answer and read down the center to spell the pass phrase:

RADAR          RADAR

That gives the answer, DISAVOWED, which is Ethan Hunt's pass phrase. When teams solved the meta, they got to meet with Ethan Hunt. He told them the following:

I was starting to think SPIES had given up on trying to contact us, but I'm glad someone finally found me. The agents out here, we've found out a lot of important things about Moriarty's operation. You're gonna need to know what we know to finish this. But some of them... uh... well, going deep undercover for years at a time can make you a little.... Sometimes it's hard to understand them, so I'd listen carefully if I were you. Each one has essential information you'll need to infiltrate Moriarty's lair. Taking notes wouldn't be a bad idea.

That is, if you ever actually meet them — if Moriarty hasn't already driven them all so deep, no one'll ever find them. Getting to me was just the first go-round. Consider this your real training — more than that ridiculous program you went through before. The kid gloves are off. Get to the rest of the agents, then to Moriarty, and you'll be ready for the hunt on your own.

Speaking of getting to Moriarty, I managed to break into his hotel room one night and found a King James Bible. First Kings seemed particularly well-read. That might be useful.

It's time to get back to the trail; for me, and for you too. Good luck.

Thus, teams learned that (1) what agents say is important, and (2) Moriarty likes 1 Kings.

The Ethan Hunt encounter was written by Oliver Kosut, and performed by Roger Hanna, Alex Vandiver, and Seth Kleinerman.