Washington meta solution

Concept by Noah Snyder. Implementation by Roger Ford.

Each answer is the name of the petitioner in a twentieth-century Supreme Court case. Order the cases in chronological order and take the initial letters of the respondents' names:

COYLE      v Smith              (1911)
FRIEND     v Talcott            (1913)
THORNHILL  v Alabama            (1940)
GUGGENHEIM v Rasquin            (1941)
BROWN      v Board of Education (1954/55)
BARENBLATT v United States      (1959)
GRISWOLD   v Connecticut        (1965)
LEMON      v Kurtzman           (1971/73)

(Two of the cases are slightly ambiguous: There are many cases with petitioners named Brown, but Brown v Board of Education is by far the most famous one, and there is a minor 1933 case called Griswold v Helvering, but the 1965 case is much more famous and important. The other six cases have unique petitioner names.)

That gives the answer, STARBUCK, which is Dana Scully's pass phrase. (Starbuck was Scully's father's nickname for her.) When teams met with Dana Scully, she told them the following:

I don't have much time, because Mulder just contacted me to tell me that aliens have landed just outside the city. I've got to get there before he's got the whole area convinced.

Ok. There are a couple of things you need to know. First, a piece of advice, since this is your first time on the job. Sometimes, when you're tying to organize the data you've gathered, you'll be able to figure out how to arrange the information yourself. But sometimes you can't — and then it can help to remember where you found your information in order to arrange it correctly. Just something to keep in mind; we're all counting on you.

Now, a piece of information that Mulder and I went to great lengths to obtain — EIT's intranet password. If you ever need to hack in, use this password.

Oh, I'm sorry, my cell's buzzing. Oh, it's Mulder. Hello? No, don't do that! Don't you understand that the locals will panic if you do that? Look, I'm coming out right now, don't do anything until I get there. What? No!...

Scully also gave teams a piece of paper with the following printed on it:

I am diabolykal. verry h
 appy Zilllllyun

Thus, teams learned that (1) some metas are internally ordered, while others are ordered on the map; and (2) the password to hack into Moriarty's network.

The Dana Scully encounter was written by Iolanthe Chronis, and performed by Iolanthe Chronis and Katherine Reid.