McMurdo Station meta solution

Concept by Jennifer Berk and Aaron Dinkin. Implementation by Roger Ford.

Most of these answers contain a string of four letters, the first three of which and last three of which overlap with strings in a different answer. These strings form a chain:

AGEN  volkswAGEN
GENT         GENTry
ENTB     covalENTBond
NTBU        froNTBUrner
TBUC          paTBUChanan
BUCK             BUCKyballs
UCKW             dUCKWeed
CKWA            cloCKWAtchers
KWAL            dereKWALcott
WALD                 WALDen

Collapsing the strings in the natural way gives the answer, AGENT BUCKWALD, which is Stewie Griffin's pass phrase. This is taken from an exchange in Family Guy:

      Janet: Hi. Cookie?
     Stewie: Well, it's Stewie, but ... you can call me "cookie" if you
             like. Yes, I also answer to "Artemis," "Agent Buckwald" and
             "Snake." Yes, I rather like "Snake." "Snake Griffin."

When teams went to meet with Stewie Griffin, he told them the following:

Ah, I see you have managed to find me. You must be less incompetent than that last batch of rabble they recruited for S.P.I.E.S. They were more useless than John Malkovich's Hairdresser.

It's good that you all seem to have two brain cells to rub together. We know Moriarty's tropical resorts are in the South Pacific, but we have not yet located his hideout. He's done almost as good a job of hiding it as Steve Guttenberg has of hiding talent. I guess it falls to you all to figure out where the duce he's hiding.

God, McMurdo has been *dull*. It's harder to get a dry martini here than in Robert Downing Jr.'s house. One thing I did learn, though is that E.I.T. agents seem to be fascinated with cheerleaders. Did you know that I was a cheerleader once? It was quite a rush, let me tell you. The jumping, the shouting, the chance to unleash my mind control device on an unsuspecting public... <rubs hands maniacally>. Oh, where was I? Yes, cheerleaders. I must be becoming almost as distracted by them as those E.I.T. goons.

Well, you should be hurrying along I daresay. That vile Lois woman will be along any minute and she mustn't see you here it would ruin my plan to be rid of her once and for all. <maniacal laughter> Begone!

Thus, teams learned that (1) they needed to figure out where Moriarty's hideout is, and (2) Moriarty's goons can be distracted by cheerleaders.

The Stewie Griffin encounter was written by Matt Cain and performed by David Krikorian and Noah Snyder.