Buenos Aires ante solution

By Allen Rabinovich and David Speyer.

Each puzzle header in this round shows a stack of flashcards. On top is a flashcard with a picture, and a word in English or Spanish. Translate the English words into Spanish and the Spanish words into English:

Spanish           <=> English
ESCUELA            => School
Pared             <=  WALL
Codo              <=  ELBOW
OSCURO             => Dark
TABLA DE PLANCHAR  => Ironing board
CANTAR             => Sing
Erizo             <=  HEDGEHOG
Nube              <=  CLOUD
TALON              => Heel
ELEFANTE           => Elephant
Rana              <=  FROG

Sorting by number of cards in each stack and reading down the initials of the Spanish words gives EPCOT CENTER. Reading down the initials of the English words gives SWEDISH CHEF. So the seventh agent is the Swedish Chef, and he is located in Epcot Center.