Paris ante solution

By Matt Cain and Sanghamitra Sen.

Each puzzle is associated with a picture of a work of art. The dates of each artist's life and the date of the work are given. These are the names of the artists and the works:

Picasso           Enfant a la Poupee
Rodin             Age of Bronze
O'Keeffe          Ram's Head, White Hollyhock and Little Hills
Friedman          There
Man Ray           Hands
Oldenberg         Soft Screw
Rosenquist        Circles of Confusion
Ingres            Entrance of Dauphin, future Charles V, to Paris
Arp               Nude
Rembrandt         Three Trees
Toulouse-Lautrec  Edmee Lescot
Yoshida           Rhinoceros

Reading across in the order the puzzles appear on the map, the initials of the names of the artists spell PROFMORIARTY. The initials of the titles of the artworks spell EARTHSCENTER. Therefore Moriarty's hideout is in the center of the earth.