Kuala Lumpur ante solution

By Jennifer Berk and Aaron Dinkin.

Each puzzle in this round is located in a different building in Kuala Lumpur, and each puzzle's header is in a different color. If you look at the HTML code for each puzzle page, you'll see that the colors are specified in terms of explicit decimal red, green, and blue values, and that each RGB value is divisible by ten. Each color in this way clues three characters (with 00 signifying a space). For instance, the first puzzle in the round has RGB values of 180, 70, and 20 respectively, cluing the three letters R, G, and B. (Yes, really.)

Sorting in order of building height, the R values spell ROSENCRANTZ , the G values spell GUILDENSTERN, and the B values spell BUENOS AIRES. So the agents in the sixth location are Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, and they are located in Buenos Aires.