Cambridge meta solution

Concept and implementation by Roger Ford.

Each of the puzzle answers clues a distinct letter string of between one and four letters:

GUNSHOT            BANG
HAWAII             HI
TELETYPE           TTY

Taking the four resulting sets of letters and placing them in order by length gives CHITTYBANG. This (it should be obvious) refers to CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG, which happens to be a book by Ian Fleming, creator of Bond. (The doubling is also clued by the fact that each set of letters is clued twice.)

CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG is indeed James Bond's pass phrase. When teams met with Bond, he told them the following:

The name is Bond. James Bond. I know you're new in this organization, so why don't I tell you how a few things work here?

Any of the information you come across may be important, not just the passphrases. You may need the answers to individual clues later on. A little dilligence now will pay off later.

I also tried to infiltrate Moriarty's organization using a few of my old tricks. Breaking in was too difficult, and he didn't fall for it when I challenged him to a game of cards. But I was able to convince his mistress, a scientist by the name of Dr. Honey Bare, to join our side. That wasn't easy, until I found her soft spot. Just play her a bit of Barry White, and she's all yours.

Good luck, and happy hunting. For England.

Thus, teams learned that (1) that agents should not neglect parts of their assignments, because things other than pass phrases would become important; and (2) that the only way he found to infiltrate Moriarty's hideout was to seduce his mistress, Dr. Honey Bare, by playing her some Barry White.

The James Bond encounter was written by Jeff Cohen, and performed by Oliver Kosut, Andrew Thomas, and Roger Ford.