Paris meta solution

Concept by Seth Kleinerman. Implementation by Aaron Dinkin.

Each puzzle answer in this round contains exactly one three-letter substring consisting of the letters A, C, G, and/or U (and no other A, C, G, T, or Us). These are the symbols for the nucleotides of RNA, and any triple of them represents an amino acid, each of which also has a standard one-letter symbol. In order across the map:

ECUADOR      CUA leucine        L
DEBAUCHERY   AUC isoleucine     I
ACADEMIES    ACA threonine      T
MACGYVER     ACG threonine      T
CUCKOO       CUC leucine        L
LOLLYGAG     GAG glutamic acid  E
UUCP         UUC phenylalanine  F
KAUAI        AUA isoleucine     I
ISAAC        AAC asparagine     N
REGGAE       GGA glycine        G
KIERKEGAARD  GAA glutamic acid  E
OLYMPICGAMES CGA arginine       R

Reading off the amino acid symbols in the order in which the puzzles appear on the map spells out the Brain's password, LITTLE FINGER (which is, of course, a synonym for Pinky).

When teams tried to meet with the Brain, they found a plush Brain with a piece of paper, which contained the meta-meta.