Buenos Aires meta solution

Concept and implementation by Aaron Dinkin, with input from a cast of thousands.

Puzzle answers:


The first syllable of each puzzle answer in this round is the name of a letter. Alphabetizing the puzzle answers by last letter and reading off the first syllables spells out Rosencrantz & Guildenstern's password, NINETY HEADS.

When teams met with R&G, they heard the following dialogue:

(ROS and GUIL speak only to each other. At no point do they address the people visiting them, or even acknowledge their presence.)

GUIL: Are they here yet?

ROS (looks carefully in the direction of the visiting solvers): No.


ROS: Who?

GUIL: Didn't Ethan say they were sending new agents to meet with us?

ROS: What do I know?

GUIL: Are we entitled to any consideration at all? One might have been inclined to suppose that, once we had risked life and limb to infiltrate Moriarty's hideout, somebody would think to tell us what it was all about.

ROS: Statement! One-love.

GUIL: What?

ROS: What else?

GUIL: Not now.

ROS: Statement!


ROS (dejected): I was just trying to help take your mind off the suspense.

GUIL: You don't need to answer everything I say in the form of a question.

ROS: Well! When we were captured and interrogated in Moriarty's lair, and our lives were in jeopardy, it seems to me that answering everything in the form of a question came in handy!

GUIL: Our lives were in what?

ROS (defensive): Jeopardy! ...Well, it kept us from getting into some trouble!

GUIL: Give us this day our daily double.... Calm down.

ROS: A little appreciation is all I ask!

GUIL (sarcastic): Here. (Tosses ROS a coin.)

(ROS glances at GUIL suspiciously, and then looks at the coin and brightens.)

ROS: Heads!

(GUIL, in disbelief, tosses him another.)

ROS: Heads! That makes ninety-two: a new record, don't you think.

GUIL: Hardly.

ROS: Oh?

GUIL: Last year there were a hundred and fourteen. And the year before that, a hundred and nine.

ROS: I don't think that was what I meant....

GUIL: Shall we go?

ROS: Where?

GUIL: Come on!


Thus, teams learned (sort of obliquely) that (1) the Hunt contains 92 regular puzzles, and (2) answering in the form of a question, as in Jeopardy!, might prove useful in Moriarty's headquarters.

The Rosencrantz & Guildenstern encounter was written by Aaron Dinkin, and performed by Aaron Dinkin, Sanghamitra Sen, Lanya da Silva, and Molly Peeples.