Where in Hell is Carmen Sandiego?

Hunt Introduction (PDF)

Acme News Bulletins


Here you'll find the dossiers for all the crooks that you need to catch.


As a Gumshoe, you will undergo the training necessary to be promoted to the level Inspector. Consider your tasks carefully.


As an Investigator, you will be responsible for catching two more crooks. Here are some leads to help you on your way.


As an Inspector, you will be responsible for catching three crooks. Go get em'!


Only four more crooks left to catch... then on to Carmen!


A number of missing puzzles and solutions were provided by Ken Jacobs, Joseph DeVincentis, and Mike Sylvia in 2013. In 2010, a number of solutions were provided by Lance Nathan, Foggy Brume, beinsane from Manic Sages, and the Beginner's Luck team. In 2015, Hugh Robinson contributed additional solutions. If you have solved one of the puzzles with a missing solution or have more information about puzzles with missing data, please contact us at puzzles@mit.edu.