Helsinki: Solution

This started out as a very high-concept puzzle. The original idea was to have a color map applied to an Othello board, where the color of a square was determined by the number of times the piece there had flipped during the game.

After banging my head against this for a long time and coming to the realization that constructing this puzzle would be an insolvably hard problem, I enlisted Sola's help and we simplified it a bit, trying for a black and white color map based on even or odd number of flips.

We realized that this was also a problem that we did not have the energy for, so I made this a "too much information" problem. The dialogue is irrelevant, the first player's moves are irrelevant, and it doesn't even matter that they are playing Othello. Plot the second player's moves on an 8x8 grid, and it spells BOTH.