Charlotte Amalie

This is a performing arts puzzle. It will go about five billion times smoother and faster if you look over your lines before your rehersals begin. There are five "actors": red, yellow, green, blue and purple. They meet in 10 scenes. As one of the actors (see below) you will be performing in only 4 of the scenes. It's a play about questions, and you've many. But unfortunately, you don't have the whole script, just cues (in brackets) before your lines and your lines are all out of order so you don't know the ultimate question. The ultimate question might be one not in this email, i.e., one another team asks you.

You must try and schedule your own meeting times with teams of other colors (perhaps the zephyr instance would be useful). | indicates "or". This puzzle would work best by distibuting an "actor's" lines out to various team members who memorize their cues and lines. Things in parentheses are actions and you must do them. Typos are irrevelant.

Archivist's Note: The teams were each assigned a color and emailed one of the following five scripts (with the introduction quoted above):