New Orleans: Solution

The dates given are all birth dates of Beanie Babies:
1-6-93 Patti the Platypus6-19-93 Pinchers the Lobster
4-27-93 Chocolate the Moose 1-18-94 Bones the Dog
4-19-94 Quackers the Duck2-25-94 Happy the Hippo
8-14-94 Speedy the Turtle3-28-94 Zip the Cat
11-14-94 Goldie the Fish1-25-95 Peanut the (royal/light) Blue elephant
2-13-95 Pinky the Flamingo8-17-95 Bongo the Monkey
5-11-95 Lizzy the Lizard9-3-95 Inch the Inchworm
5-15-95 Tabasco/Snort the bull1-15-96 Mel the Koala
5-3-96 Chops the Lamb10-9-96 Doby the Doberman
12-14-96 Seamore the Seal7-1-96 Scoop the Pelican (also Maple the Bear, Canada exclusive)

The two columns are sets of Teenie Beanies, which you could get from McDonald's. The first column is the Teenie Beanie series from 1996-1997, and it is complete. The second column lists 10 of the 12 Teenie Beenies from the 1998 series. The two missing Teenie Beanies in this series are Waddle the Penguin and Twigs the Giraffe. Fill in the two blanks below the column with their names, and read off the numbered letters in order to get LAST, which is the answer to this puzzle.