Milton is using the right-hand-wall method. 3 of his steps make one wall segment. ^ and v symbols in his transcription indicate turns, and | indicates where a wall ends and he makes two turns in a row. When he makes a right turn, Milton takes an extra step, indicated by a 1 above the arrow for it. When he goes around the end of a wall, this takes 2 steps, also as indicated. When he is forced to make a left turn, he takes one less step in the next segment because, due to the size of his body, he started one step into the first segment. Using his moves, you can reconstruct much of the maze:

With this done, you can make more sense of Jottie's notes, assuming the same starting point. Jottie does not finish the maze, stopping to write down the story at the piece of paper (marked "P" below):

With the doorways we already know, the only place where the long corridor seen in Blinky's third photo, dead-ending with at least 3 squares of walls on both sides in a corridor that appears 6 spaces long, is at the far left. This tells us some more light and dark over there.

Also, the only place that has the collection of three doorways, none at a corner, seen in photo 2 is in the section of corridor where Jottie finished. With the faint bits of light seen at the edges of the far doorways, we know all five of the spaces in the dead ends beyond those doorways are lit.

Now the fourth photo cannot be this same hallway because there is no doorway on the right in the photo. It cannot be the hallway to the left of this in the maze since that hallway does not have the opening to the left at the end. None of the hallways further left have the two doorways together seen here. The hallway to the right of the one Jottie finished in does not have room for these doorways either. Only the right-most hallway matched what can be seen here, so we know three squares of light and a bunch more darkness.

The hallway in the last photo cannot be any of the four totally dark ones Jottie traveled, since it had light, and it does not match either end hallway, so it is the hallway just right of Jottie's finishing point. This confirms two more squares of light and some more darkness.

Now we know the entire maze pattern, and there are only three places with the side-by-side doorways seen in the first photo. Two of them we know do not have the one square of darkness seen through the far doorway, so this must be the left-most of the three pairs of doorways. Jottie neglected to tell us about the lighting conditions in the lower of these two doorways, but now we know.

We still don't know the light state of a few spaces at the lower right, but we know enough. The walls of the maze form letters spelling CHEESE. But that is not the answer; it's too obvious, and even Jottie knew there would be cheese in the maze. The darkened areas also form letter shapes spelling JAM, and that is the answer.