Vatican City

An informant gives you this message:

"After work yesterday I met with an informant in St. Peter's Square. She said she managed to purloin a couple of memos from a VILE member's desk, which she gave to me. The first has the following text on it:


The second has some curious stories on it that I can't figure out the meaning of. Can you help?"

Here are the stories:

Romeo RESTS his ARM JOINT on the gatepost and looks UP. He sees a sight more wonderful than all the EXPLODING STARS ever viewed - his DARLING Juliet on the balcony.

Pat, on a safari in Africa, LOOKS STEADILY at the STRIPED MAMMAL. The animal, KEENLY AWARE, takes umbrage - "Why do you GAWK?" she asks. "If you think I don't mind, you're making a MISTAKE."

Jimmy's cat was not IN ITSELF particulary attractive. Still, he couldn't help but WORSHIP it. One time, a dog CHASED [it] UP A WOODY PLANT. As the cat JUMPED from branch to branch, the boy called for his MORE LIFE-EXPERIENCED sister to help. She drove the dog away, climbed up and retrieved the cat. How nice.

The scientific group decided to build an ELEMENTARY PARTICLE detector in Saudi Arabia. However, The WAY to the facility was in DISPUTE, and the local CHIEFTAINS would TURN UP THEIR NOSES at each proposed solution.

CONCERNING my trip to China: I had a great time until a certain TURNING POINT. One night, my ENTHUSIASM for eating the exotic food took over and I GORGED myself. I then fell ill and had to be taken care of by NURSES.