Warrant 4.2

Answer these ten questions and email them to acme@mit.edu. When you have answered them to our satisfaction, we will release a warrant answer to you. Note that we may ask for elaboration on any of your answers, either today or at a later date ... :)

  1. What is your team name?
  2. Are you predominantly veteran hunters or hunt neophytes?
  3. How many solvers are on your team?
  4. What do you think of the hunt theme?
  5. Name three favorite puzzles you've worked on over the past three days.
  6. Tell us about your best hunt moment so far ...
  7. Which puzzle constructor would you most like to have words with? (good or bad ... )
  8. What would you say to him/her?
  9. Pick any three hunt organizers, and say at least one nice thing about each of them. Be as specific (and sincere) as possible.
  10. Tell us an embarassing fact about one of your team members ...