Gumshoe Hints

Agents in the field have obtained this information:


  1. There is a file called repair.html in the same directory as the original puzzle, which had errors. BE SURE YOU ARE USING THE NEW VERSION!
  2. The white parts are transparent.
  3. Are you looking at the right patterns in Building 56? Ignore the floor.
  4. Use the patterns as masks.


  1. The pentominoes fit into a 6x10 rectangle.
  2. You have to solve each side separately.
  3. The answer spirals.


  1. This is not a simple substitution cipher.
  2. The plaintext is almost a well known poem.
  3. The aforementioned poem is from a classic children's book.


  1. This really is a cryptogram. [small hint]
  2. This is a substitution cipher. [medium hint]
  3. There are extra letters. [MAJOR hint]
  4. Note: the puzzle also contains a built in hint.

New Orleans:

  1. 1-25-94 should read 2-25-94.
  2. The numbers really are dates.
  3. There is something associated with each date.
  4. The things associated with the dates in each column form a group.
  5. The eBay website might be helpful.

Phnom Penh:

  1. Do the colors remind you of anything? Both computer added colors and original crayon colors have (different) signifigance.
  2. Position on the page is relavent (think Wackie Wordies).
  3. You are looking for a pair of letters from each stop. If you can name the correct T station, but not the letters in the signs, give us a call anyway.


  1. Note that 'without' is in boldface.
  2. The riddle is instructions for decrypting the string.
  3. The riddle asks you to recall two things you should have learned throughout the course of the puzzle.
  4. Without these things...


  1. This puzzle contains typos. They are not relevant.
  2. The TV stations are real, but are the locations correct?
  3. The answer is one word and appears within the puzzle.


  1. These were all written by the same composer.
  2. Figure out the BWV numbers.
  3. You've got an IP address.
  4. You received an email from alynn regarding "bulletin from Toronto". (Please contact ACME if you need this information again).