Stuttgart: Solution

A piece of cheese was given out with this puzzle. The eight numbers given are UPC codes of crackers. Unfortunately, not all of them seem to still be made, but the ones for which information could still be found are:

  1. V Dare Crackers Vivant (8 oz)
  2. - (Nabisco)
  3. L Keebler Crackers Club Original (16 oz)
  4. - (Arnold Bakers)
  5. - (Wasa Extra-Crisp)
  6. V Kavli Crispbread Thin
  7. I Nabisco Crackers Triscuit Wafer Original (9.5 oz)
  8. L Nabisco SnackWells Crackers Cracked Pepper (7 oz)

Taking the indicated letters gives VILE:EVIL. The cheese that accompanied the puzzle was EDAM, making the answer DAME.