Warrant 3.2

Someone was causing havoc in Bob's son Tom's marriage, and that someone was Jay Stallings. Jay was married to Tom's ex-wife Carol, but was attracted to Tom's present wife, Natalie. (1976)

Even though Natalie was seeing Bob, she was still pining for Dan and she blamed Susan for ruining the relationship. If Susan hadn't opened her big mouth about taking the tapes, Natalie would be Mrs. Dan Stewart. (1977)

Natalie, who was carrying Jay's baby, was also short of cash due to her failing company, and she went to Jay for a loan. Jay turned her down flat, and she vowed to make him pay! (1978)

Melinda told her half-sister Barbara about her pregnancy, and the family rallied around. Then she told Annie, who confronted Beau. (1979)

Both Cricket and Margo were confused about their parents' divorce. Margo had always sensed that her father, a traveling salesman named Bart Montgomery, had never really loved her. (1980)

Tom returned home with his new girlfriend, Lyla's younger sister, Maggie Crawford, a lawyer. (1981)

Bob followed Miranda to Paris where, unbeknownst to him, she was to meet with a drug lord who ordered Miranda never to see Bob again and forced her to say she was having an affair with James Stenbeck.. (1982)

To escape her troubled marriage to Craig, Betsy went to Ronda, Spain, and Steve followed. (1983)

Richard sank further into madness, as an apparition of Barbara told him to kill Gunnar without delay. He tried to slash Gunnar with a razor while he slept. (1984)

At Easter, longtime friends and onetime lovers Bob and Kim were finally married. (1985)

As Sierra reeled from the shock that Craig had known all along that Lucinda was her mother, she confronted Lucinda, who tried to explain (1986).

The new year began with the engagement of Frannie and Seth and the mystery surrounding Frannie Hughes' look alike, Sabrina. (1987)

Lucinda decided she needed a new golden boy to help run her empire, and that was when Kirk Anderson came to town. Kirk had several schemes in mind, one of which was sending Dusty off to the London office (1988).

When Holden called to say he'd be making a trip back home this summer, Lily wondered if she'd made love to Caleb too soon. The news came that Holden had married Angel Lange in Europe, and, unable to deal with her grief, Lily turned away from everyone. (1989).

Emily accused Ellie of Brock's murder. Unfortunately, the messenger who had delivered Brock's gun to Ellie and could have cleared her was found dead in her office. (1990).

Barbara freaked out when she got a blackmail note about her night with Darryl in Rome. She assumed it was from Phillipe. (1991).

Frannie discovered letters that implicated Darryl in the death of his first wife, Carolyn. (1992)

Edwina wanted to keep Evan from marrying Rosanna, whom Edwina hated for running away from her high society roots (1993).

As Lisa frantically sought clues to Scott's whereabouts. she was consoled by the company of the dashing Eduardo. (1994)

After Lily gave birth to a son, Luciano, she made plans to separate from Damian, who'd grown cold and distant. (1995)

Samantha was left blind and Margo struggled with post-traumatic stress after they survived the plane crash that killed Damian. (1996)