Note from the author: I am not much a fan of poetry but I figured I should overcome that, so I thought I would try to write one myself. However, I had a bit of a writers block with one of the words. I know it could be a great poem, if only you could help me fill in the missing word.

Die, Art!

With us left at mit, no links must be allowed to muss up our day.

Earth may Tag a stale Welt on my ass (fad only).

After far search for fern that can load such varnish, every Last fairy on the shelf, Lack Fee of a Regal plate of song.

Seaweed fortune Teller Lied, but long ago, Tang in her bathroom did loom over pickle-juice.

Against rage and Bad council, I am a bin of Lake Rat corpses.

They See a good man, with empty gut, watch eleven goats leer eerily.

Nearly every elf is large and _________.

Every maggot <gross!> (fasten check here) has Made a hat or a red Hut of rot.