Chihuahua: Solution

Solution needed. The answer is TIE.

Archivist's Note: Partial data and some insights are below:

It appears that there is a small number of distinct speakers, each speaking a subset of these languages. Judging by the English instruction of "Sixth and finally, read what you have written backwards.", each speaker probably has his or her own subset of 4-6 instructions, and each speaker's instruction set produces a clue. Partial data follows. Note that the languages are in order and that their numbers increase sequentially, except for French. Both of these would be true of French, though, if it were in the right place on the list.

Number Language Translation Original Text
3. Chinese (Mandarin) This is the second type of language. Please select from the below the 7th type of language. Select the last letter.
4. English This is language number 7. Sixth and finally, read what you have written backwards. This is language number 7. Sixth and finally, read what you have written backwards.
5. Finnish This is language number 9. First, take language 35's first two letters as they show up in the list. Tämä on kieli numero yhdeksän...
6. German That is language number 11. Third, use the 2nd letter of the 17th language just as it appeared in the list. Das ist Sprache Nummer 11. Dritten benutzen Sie die zweiten Buchstaben von die Sprache Nummer 17, so wie Sie in der Liste aufscheint.
7. Hebrew This is language number 13. Take the second letter in language number 22. Zot safah mispar shalosh esreh. Totsiu et haot hashniyah bsafah mispar esrim vshtayim.
זאת שפה מספר שלוש עשרה. תוציאו את האות השניה בשפה מספר עשרים ושתיים.
8. Hindi This is language number 14. Second step. Take the last letter of language number 7 in the form that is in the list. ...Doosra kadam (Second step).... aakhri akshar (last letter) .... jis roop mein (in the form)...
9. Icelandic This is language... Þetta er tungumál...
10. Italian This is language number 18. First, take the first letter of language number 35 as it appears in the list. Questo è la lingua numero 18. Primo, prendi la prima lettera della lingua numero 35 come appare nella lista.
11. Korean This is language 21. 4th, take 2nd letter of the 22nd language. uh nuh (language)
12. Russian This is language number 27. Fifth, write what you got in the corresponding writing system of language number 19. Eh-to yazyk nomer dvadtsat sem. V-pyatyh, napishite to, chto u vas okazalos v sootvsetstvuyuschey pismennoy sisteme yazyka nomer devyatnadtsat.
Это язык номер 27. В-пятых, напишите то, что у вас оказалось в соответствующей письменной системе языка номер 19.
13. No sound (Sign Language?)
14. Spanish This is language number 29. Third, take the second letter of language number 17 as it appears on the list. Este es el idioma número 29. Tercero, toma la segunda letra del idioma número 17 como aparece en la lista.
15. French This is language number 10. Second, take the last letter of language number 7 as it appears on the list. Ceci un la langue numero 10. En second lieu, prendre la dernière lettre de la langue numero 7 comme (?) apparaît dans la liste.