Mega Man Warp Zone
Mario says:

"Oh no, more warps! I'll send you pictures and tell you what I find, just like last time!"

"It's still a little exhausting running around here, so if you tell me to go to the wrong place, it'll be a minute before I can check on anything else for you.

"Remember what Metaphysical Fungus told me: you may find a smartphone very convenient to help me through this warp zone. They also said that if you encounter a locked door, an MIT ID (even an alum ID) should suffice to open it. If you don't have one of these, it will be possible for you to find your own warp to the other side of the door."

The top of the note says: "Dr. Wily's boss seems to be really cunning. You'd better keep careful track of the path we take."

  1. Walk along the pathway toward the further flag.
  2. Turn right at your first opportunity, towards an emergency phone.
  3. Continue on the path, passing the emergency phone. At the first intersection past the phone, turn left if the last digit of its phone number is even. Otherwise turn right.
  4. At the next intersection where you can turn left, do so.
  5. Continue on. If you are forced to turn, turn left.
  6. Continue until you see the second pair of waste receptacles on your right.

What room number is listed on the "No Smoking" signs nearby?