Mega Man Warp Zone

by Oliver Kosut and Bryan Ruddy

The runaround begins at the southeast corner of Killian Court. Walk west toward the flag near Building 1. Turn right at the southwest corner of Killian Court. You pass an emergency phone on your left. Its last digit is 1, so turn right near the entrance to Building 3. Then turn left to head north immediately before entering Building 4. Turn left again at the northeast corner of Killian Court, even though there is no intersection there. There are trash and recycling bins on both sides of the exit from Lobby 10. The second pair you come to is on the west side, and nearby there are "No Smoking" signs with the room number 3-108.

The second warp starts outside 1-190. Turn around to walk west from the southeast corner of Building 1. You pass a poster about the Interplanetary Supply Chain in a display case on the left side of the wall. Integrated Network Modeling is designated as Task 2. Following the right wall, you pass one stairwell in Building 1 and near to one in Building 5. Go one level up the south stairwell in Building 3. Walking to the tables takes you past 3-270. At the intersection in the northeast corner of Building 1, turning left would take you into the Civil Engineering department (clearly labeled), so turn right into Building 5. You pass a picture of a ship on your right immediately before going down the south stairwell in building 5. Continue north past the collection of model ships. There will be a clock to the right when you get to Lobby 7, so turn right and walk east along the infinite corridor. You come to an automated external defibrillator on your right, whose MIT property office tag number is 0410242.

The third warp starts outside the rear entrance to 10-250. Walking south from there takes you past a poster on your right that tells you how to be a Jedi Master. Turn left at the intersection and on the wall immediately on your left is a listing of past presidents of the MIT Alumni Association. One of them is Peter Saint Germain. Continuing east on the second floor of building 10, you come to 10-280, which is labeled for P. S. Khoury.

The forth warp starts outside 26-114, one of the bathrooms near 26-100. The exit door heading north is labeled "Automatic", so go through it, and then continue back into Building 26, following the sign that says "Through Glass Doors". Along the first floor of Building 26, you'll pass a green light on your right, so turn right when you exit again. In front of you are doors into Building 32, so go through them. You'll see the top half of the large sideways label for 32-141; go to it. Near there is a painting with "Past", "Present", and "Future". Next to it is a smaller painting with a pie chart split into "boredom", "confusion", and "happiness". Confusion is on the right side, so turn right and then exit. Go past the yellow post, across the bridge, and into Building 56. Turn right to follow the sign to "Main Campus". On your right you'll come to a display case with a map of MIT that labels Concourse as the "heart of MIT's academic campus". Above it is a sign that says "MIT > Concourse", so Concourse is obviously less than MIT.

The fifth warp starts in the basement in the southwest corner of Building 6C. Go through the doors, and you'll see a couch to your right. Immediately before you come to an intersection you'll pass a painting of George R. Harrison on your right. Turn right to go south through Building 6, and you'll pass a poster with a photograph of Stephen Colbert on your left. The first stairs you see take you to the northeast corner of Building 2. There are paintings on opposite sides of the beginning of the hall toward Building 14. Placing your hands on the disembodied ears forces your palms to face north, so walk north into Building 6. You'll pass a display case with, among other things, 3 bullets fired into a piece of plastic. When you the intersect the infinite corridor, turn left. Following the exit sign arrow will force you to turn left in Building 4. Walk straight until you come to the south wall of the Ellen Swallow Richards lobby. There you'll see in the display case to your left that there was a conference in Lake Placid in 1899.

After the fifth warp, instead of being sent directly to the next world, Mario is apparently sent back to the beginning of the warp zone. As hinted by some of the flavortext, the only way to escape is to trace out the path you have taken. The path of each warp draws out a letter, when viewed from above (see map below). These letters in order spell ZELDA. Enter ZELDA in response to the question on the sixth warp and you will be sent to World 3, which is in fact Zelda.