Welcome to World 2!

Mario jumps through the last warp and lands in World 2—and then stops. He knows what World 2 should look like, and this isn't it! What's this futuristic metropolis?

"Hi there!" someone says. Mario turns around to see a short blue robot. "You must be Mario. I'm Mega Man! Dr. Light and I were expecting you."

Mario is confused. "But what am I doing here? I was following Peach and then..."

"Oh, it turns out Bowser was actually working for Dr. Wily all along. Peach is locked up in Wily's fortress now."

"Dr. Wily?"

"Evil mad-scientist type, always building killer robots. In fact, it looks like he's got six new ones!"

"Killer robots!?"

"They're not that bad—if they're anything like the ones Wily usually builds, each robot has a weapon that's especially effective against one of the other robots. So you shouldn't have any trouble."

Can you help Mario figure out the names of the Robot Masters' weapons and rescue Peach from the clutches of the devious Dr. Wily? Who knows what villainy he has in mind!

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