The Jack Florey Award

on Friday, 04:27
Unlocked all puzzles

Toad Hall

on Friday, 04:27
Viewed the achievements page

Still-locked Achievements

Rainbow Road Trip

Attended the Mario Kart event

Mamma Mia!

Called in a wrong answer


Solved a puzzle between 2am and 6am


Solved a puzzle between 6am and 10am

Holding down B

Solved a puzzle less than 30 minutes after unlocking it

Never gonna give you up

Solved a puzzle more than 24 hours after unlocking it

Om nom nom nom nom

Solved all puzzles whose titles start with M

You deserve a cookie!

Solved a meta

Here we go!!!

Solved a puzzle

The Jack Florey Award

Unlocked all puzzles

Don't give up!

Not solved a puzzle for 5 hours


Solved at least one puzzle per hour for ten consecutive hours

You're on fire!

Solved 4 or more puzzles in an hour


Solved more than one puzzle in an hour


Solved puzzle after its supermeta was solved

Found Yoshi

Solved puzzles whose titles start with Y-O-S-H-I

Toad Hall

Viewed the achievements page

Frog suit

Solved 10 puzzles

Penguin suit

Solved 30 puzzles

Tanooki suit

Solved 100 puzzles


Solved a puzzle on Friday

Koopa Troopa

Solved a puzzle on Saturday

Hammer Brother

Solved a puzzle on Sunday

Speed run

Solved 50 puzzles in the first 24 hours

With honors

More than 75% of call-ins correct (over all of hunt)


Solved all puzzles

All your base are belong to us

Solved all puzzles in a world

Space dust

Called in a wrong answer to a Mega Man puzzle

Warp whistle

Solve a supermeta out of order


Solved a round meta after the world meta was solved


Solved a world meta without calling in an incorrect answer in that world

Hot Coffee

Attended the Coffee event

Rube on Rye

Attended the Incredible Machine event

Dairy Farmer

Attended the Costume Ball event


Attended the Zombies vs. Zombies event

Kim: "Scott, what are you doing?" Scott: "Getting a life."

Used an extra life to buy a puzzle answer

I am Error

Called in a wrong answer on a Zelda puzzle

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Solved all three answers on a Zelda puzzle

Hyrule Tourist

Solved at least once answer from each dungeon

The people are revolting

Called in a wrong answer on a Civilization puzzle


Solved Gladiatorial Combat, Social Clubs, and the Wall Street wonder


Solved Meta Testing and Gladiatorial Combat

Woo! Tangent

Called in a wrong answer on a Katamari Damacy puzzle

I never met a meta I didn't like

Solved all metas

Gotta catch 'em all!

Solved one puzzle in each world

Beautiful Katamari Collection

Participated in all events!