(Meta-puzzle solution)

Section 3

Wednesday the boss went to church.

When you come through the doors of Holy Trinity, a middle-aged priest at the other end of the nave sees you and strides down the center aisle to greet you. "Good afternoon," he says warmly. "I'm Msgr. Thurman--like the actress in Pulp Fiction," he explains. "Can I help you?"

You explain your investigation, and his face falls; he leads you into his office. He sets aside a book about the first Pope Gregory ("Reading about the chants," he explains) and takes a seat behind his desk, looking saddened by the news.

"I'll miss him greatly," he tells you. "I remember when he first came here to ask how he could help. Dame Fortune must have smiled on us; he's been a pillar of the community ever since. Wednesday, in fact, he came to drop off some papers. Did you want to look through them?"

  1. Paranoia
  2. Don't Make Me Say This Twice
  3. Cans and Donations Gratefully Accepted
  4. Stained Glass
  5. Titles
  6. Campaign Speeches
  7. Bogots
  8. The Price is Right
  9. Unprecedented Discovery
  10. Lost in a Maze
  11. The Property of Others






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