Document 3.7: Bogots

"Sometimes, to relax, we'd play a game we called 'Bogots'," the priest explains. "First we'd play a game of Boggle Master; then we'd place robots on the Boggle board and play Ricochet Robots. (I can find the rules for that if you need them.) This word list is from one of those games...let's see. We started with the robots on the cubes showing A, B, and C. Then we determined which squares took the most moves to get to (by any robot).

"But the only thing I remember about the Boggle board is that a J was in the upper right-hand corner and a K was in the lower right-hand corner. Trying to reconstruct any more than that just gives me a headache."

afore, alms, antre, atop, atrophic, avert, beams, bean, beat, beaver, bedu, bells, bels, bend, benthic, beys, bidental, chide, chop, chore, deafer, dean, death, deave, debtor, delator, dells, delly, dels, dentally, dentals, deys, dick, duels, easy, eland, elms, fane, fave, fohn, forth, froth, gelant, gelato, gels, gent, gland, gleams, glean, gled, glen, gleys, gude, hotbed, ichor, ideally, ideals, ideas, judge, lams, lane, lathi, leaf, leant, leas, leaver, ledgy, lend, lento, leud, male, malls, maned, manly, math, naled, nave, neath, nelly, otalgy, phot, pore, portaled, portals, potbelly, refalls, reft, rotas, safer, sale, sally, sandwich, saned, sanely, santo, saver, slam, slant, slat, slaver, sleave, sled, small, taels, tams, thick, tophi, tore, tref, ugly, vale, vaned, wick, widely, widen, yean, yeas, yells, yentas

How to play Ricochet Robots:

A "robot move" consists of selecting one of the robots and a direction (orthogonal, not diagonal), then moving the robot as far as possible in the selected direction until bumping into the edge of the board or another robot.

Each turn starts with the random selection of a target square. For our purposes (the real game is a little different) the goal is to determine how to get any robot to the target square in the fewest number of moves.

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